Arno Ringoet (Belgium, °1995) is an aspiring filmmaker and digital creator currently freelancing in Brussels.

Aided by technologic advancement, his toolbox consist out of  digital instruments melded with the constant practice to involve the physicality's and manual labor into a virtual workflow, believing the body of work translates itself richer by forming a bridge between man and machine.
The main digital tools being used on a basis are: Adobe After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4D, Jawset Turbulence FD, Realflow, Insidium x-Particles, Z-brush, Rokoko Studio, Unreal Engine 5, Adobe Photoshop, Blender, Otoy Octane, etc.

Arno Ringoet
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3D Artist
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AB InBev, 3 CGI holographic content on Soulmade's Holovice, 2019
AB InBev, VR film, camera operator, 2019
Cegeka, VR film, camera operator and VFX artist, 2019
Dupont, VR film, camera operator, 2017
Nokia, VR film, CGI and vfx, 2016
Samana, VR film, camera operator, 2019
Signify, 2 CGI holographic content on Soulmade's Holovice, 2019
Stad Antwerpen, VR film, camera operator,2018
Visit Brussels, 4 CGI holographic content on Soulmade's Holovice, 2019

Novembre 100’, Umedia, Netflix, 2022, motion-designer
Champagne 100’, Umedia, Netflix, 2022 motion-designer
Theodosia, series, Umedia, HBO, 2021

Hendrik Willemyns - Birdsong, 2018, Feature 90', VFX Artist
De Luizenmoeder 2019, Title Design

Title Design, Brand design and Motion-design, 2018
1st Recruitment - 2018, Motion-design
2de recruitement - 2018, Motion-design

Bas Devos - Ghost Tropic,2019, feature 85', VFX supervision
Daysleeper, 15',Enzo Smits, 2022 sky-replacement
Heartland, 35',Willy Vanderperre, 2021 -VFX Artist
La Civil, 110', Theodora Mihai, 2021 - VFX Artist
DIOR, Nathlaie Portman - Parfume Pub - compositor

Listen! Festival 2018 - Promotional film, VFX Artist
Listen! Festival 2019 - Promotional film, VFX Artist
Listen! Festival 2020 - Promotional film, VFX Artist
Bednet 2018 - Promotional film, VFX Artist

Karolien Chromiak - Video projection
Magali Rottiers - 3D Scanning, video installation
For What It’s Worth 52', Ben De Raes, 2022

Rand Abou Fakher - So we Live, 2021. VFX Artist
BNP Paribas - Award Ceremony 2018, VFX Artist

Karel Tuytschaever - Stranger, 2019 Film installation, single screen. VFX supervisor , VFX Artist

Gust Van Den Berghe - Rain Anyway, 2021, feature film, VFX Artist
Bas Devos - Hellhole, 2018, feature 87', VFX Artist
Bert Scholiers - Charlie And Hannahs Grand Night Out, 2017, Feature 175', VFX Artist
Tony Schollaert - Stage IV, 2018, Short 15', VFX Artist
Anca Damiens - Marona's Fantastic Tale, 2019,  Feature 130', VFX Artist
LUCA School Of Arts
Alexander Dulenko - Algirdas En Domas, 2019 Shortfilm 19', VFX Artist
Rik Chaubet - Burnout 1, 2019 Shortfilm 20' ,VFX Artist
Jan Baeyens - Het Konijn, 2019 Shortfilm 16' , VFX Artist
Tom De Liège - BRUUT, 2019 Shortfilm 15' , VFX Artist
Jorn Plucieniczak - +6 Gain, 2018 Shortfilm 20' VFX Artist
Zoë Boogaerts - Heilerijk, 2018 Shotfilm 15' VFX Artist

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